A total of 100,000 people from all over the world visited “ComicVket1”, a virtual comic convention held in Virtual Akihabara. 377 exhibitor groups and 60 companies joined the event.

HIKKY Co., Ltd. (HQ: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan CEO: Yasushi Funakoshi, Official website: https://www.hikky.life) held a comic convention “ComicVket1” on virtual reality (VR) space for 4 days from August 13th to August 16th, JST (japan standard time). A total of 104,546 people visited the venue during the event period, and participants enjoyed reading sample books, making limited edition goods, and socializing with others at Virtual Akihabara which is a reproduction of one of the actual cities in Japan, Akihabara.
* More detail information about the virtual music convention “MusicVket1” that was held at the same time will be announced separately.

The opening ceremony of ComicVket1

[Unique Features Only in Virtual Event] 

For those who are not familiar with VR to join the event more easily, it was set up so that people can access from not only VR devices but also from PCs and smartphones. This resulted in a total visitor of 104,546 to the event venue. Also, visitors did not need to go anywhere or wait in the line but needed only the Internet to access. Compared with the real events, visitors can keep the social distance and need not to worry about heatstroke.

A visitor enjoys reading a sample book in ComicVket1 venue.
A visitor enjoys reading a sample book in ComicVket1 venue.

[Event venue was “Virtual Akihabara”] 

The venue place for ComicVket1 is Virtual Akihabara, which is a reproduction of the actual city, Akihabara in Japan. The Virtual Akihabara was made based on the 3D city model data provided by Zenrin Co., Ltd which conducts researches, productions, and sales of map information. Even in COVID-19 situation, participants can stay at home and enjoy the event and window shopping by accessing the center of the source of comic culture.

The Virtual Akihabara venue

In Virtual Akihabara, visitors see 60 stores that actually exist in Akihabara including the restaurant and appliance stores, and visitors can get some introductions of those stores and discount coupons. Even in this difficult situation to go out, customers can keep having some connections with actual stores through the virtual space. 

Discount coupons that can be used in actual stores in Akihabara

In the ComicVket official shop by MEET MY GOODS run by Toppan Printing Co., Ltd, visitors enjoyed making their own limited-time sale items, purchasing them, and getting free avatars.

The Offcial ComicVket shop by MEET MY GOODS run by Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

[Special Live Programs by TV stars] 

During the event period, a special program named “Gekidan Hitori, Sora Tokui, and Time Machine 3Go visited ComicVket1” was streamed, and each TV star was excited and enjoyed the virtual world. 

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[About ComicVket2]

 It is planned to be held in early 2021. Please wait for more details such as schedule for later announcements. One of the unique features of ComicVket is its easiness of participating as an exhibitor because all they need to submit is Jpeg or PDF file of their works.
ComicVket official website:  https://comic-vket.com
Event host HIKKY Co., Ltd:

[About ComicVket1] 

* Event Period: 8/13/2020 – 8/16/2020 (4days) in Japan Standard Time (JST) 
* Exhibitors: 377 exhibitor groups. Popular authors and illustrators exhibited too. 
* Exhibiting Companies: 60 
* Sales method: Digital data download sale or physical book online shopping 
* ComicVket1 Visitors: 104,4546. (MusicVket1 Visitors: 84,280) 

[About HIKKY Co., Ltd (or VR HIKKY)]

 HIKKY is a “VR corporate” who aims to increase the opportunity for the creators to be active on social VR spaces. As a member of leading creators of the entertainment VR world, we have  launched to find and grow  creators and development of this field. We will be continuing to consider creators first and lead the “new culture” and create a  “economic sphere” in VR space as a global company originating in Japan.
 Representative: Yasushi Funakoshi
HQ: Ebisu ST Bld.2F, 3-24-2, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0011
Founded on: May 1st, 2018
Company URL:https://www.hikky.life