Virtual Market 5, The World’s Largest SocialVR Convention Begins its Exhibition Application and Unveils Concept Art

Convention to be held from 19th December 2020, seeking for even more visitors worldwide

HIKKY Co., Ltd. (HQ: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan CEO: Yasushi Funakoshi) has unveiled the six World Concept Arts and opened the exhibition application of Virtual Market 5, the world’s largest*1 socialVR convention scheduled from 19th December 2020 to 10th January 2021, for 23 days on SocialVR platforms.HIKKY has set the theme of Virtual Market 5 as “World Beyond”. HIKKY is aiming to improve Virtual Market 5 even more enjoyable for international attendees. Also, the re-release of all worlds in Virtual Market 4 except one will be started today.
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What Virtual Market is
Virtual Market is an event held on online SocialVR platforms that visitors can purchase items sold by the exhibitors, varying from 3D data such as avatars, to physical merchandise like computers or apparel. Besides shopping, attendees can also ride vehicles, watch videos, and communicate with other attendees, all in the virtual world. Virtual Market can be easily accessed from ordinary computers and VR devices are not required. Additionally, Virtual Market is open 24 hours during the event period, and that attracts visitors not only from Japan but from all over the world.
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(Photos from Virtual Market 4)

“World Beyond”, the Theme of Virtual Market 5
Official English support on the website, exhibition manual, and the event itself.

In the virtual world, people can meet anyone living on this planet, and go anywhere in an instant. The virtual world is where physical distances become meaningless, and that enables people to go anywhere and meet new people in an instant.The aim of Virtual Market 5 is to make Virtual Market more international. The logo has been changed to English from the Japanese logo that has been used until Virtual Market 4, and Virtual Market is now supporting and accepting creators and visitors worldwide by increased English support, in every aspect of the Event.

General Exhibition Application Begins, and the Six World Concepts Revealed

 From today, Tuesday 9th June 2020, the application for general exhibition has started. In order to help the applicants select the venue that they apply for, Virtual Market has revealed the world concept paragraphs and the concept artworks.

1. Virtual Showcase
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Virtual Showcase is a shopping mall-like venue with avatars, accessories, custom clothing displayed in the show windows. Avatars can be called as the new body of the individual using it,  representing its personality and identity. Virtual Market is sure that Virtual Showcase can be a place for people that they can find their favorite avatar.

2. Isekai Marché: Origin Fiesta
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Isekai Marché: Origin Fiesta is a fantasy themed venue in the same universe as Isekai Marché from Virtual Market 2, and Castello Magica from Virtual Market 3. Concept artwork done by Lack, a Japanese illustrator.

3. Orbital
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Orbital is a Space themed concept world that Virtual Market has been receiving many requests from attendees. Concept artwork by Toshiaki Takayama, an illustrator known for his mech-style artworks.

4. CurioCity 
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CurioCity is the very first horror, spooky venue in the history of Virtual Market, and especially important because Virtual Market 5 is held after halloween, and during that period western creators tend to devote their time more on horror themed creations. Virtual Market is expecting that CurioCity would function as a venue which can integrate that western creation culture to Virtual Market 5. Concept art by Hiroshi Oonishi.

5. Metekolebka 
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Based on the universe of the MOKURI project, designed by Akihito Tsukushi, Metekolebka is a place where people can feel like if they are walking inside a story, with the beautiful nature of the MOKURI world.

6. Default Cube
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Unlike other venues, Default Cube is not a place where people walk and see the exhibit but a place that people call the exhibits out of the cube and enjoy them. Various unique exhibits are exhibited in Default Cube, not only art, but also research reports, VR concerts, and so on.

Apply Here for Exhibition:


Event Name: VIRTUAL MARKET 5 (Japanese: バーチャルマーケット5)
Organizer: HIKKY Co., Ltd.
Date: 19th December 2020 to 10th January 2021
Event Venue: Social VR platforms listed below VRChat (Homepage): And other platforms (TBD)
General / Corporate Exhibition Application Forms:

Virtual Market 4 Re-release Starting Today

In accordance with the opening of applications for Virtual Market 5, the re-release of Virtual Market 4, closed on 10th May 2020 has started today, 9th June. The 35 worlds of Virtual Market 4 would be reopened and the exhibits except the corporate booths are accessible. 

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The non-corporate worlds of Virtual Market 4 were based on the six concept artworks above: From the upper-right, “Default Cube”, “Avatar Showcase”, “Alaya Vijnana”, “Cyber City Mirabilis”, “Nursery Rhyme”, “World End Utopia”.

*1 “The Largest SocialVR Convention In The World” - Forbes

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